What We Export?

Wooden Safety Matches

  • Outer and Inner Boxes in Duplex Board
  • Our Matches are Highly Damp Proof and suitable for all climates
  • Spell your Brand, Size, Design and Packing - We match it without compromise
  • Carborised White Splints in required size

Wax Safety Matches

  • Burn for a longer period of time
  • Easy to light
  • Safe to use
  • Made using quality paraffin wax paper
  • Do not damp
  • Small, portable size

Our Uniqueness

We are engaged in offering our customers with a range of export quality Wooden Safety Matches.

We provide our customers in India and abroad with a comprehensive array of Wax Safety Matches. Our Wax Safety Matches are widely used valued for their features.

Box Filling Machine

HJ-COMBINE 32 is an automatic match filling and box combine machine. Empty inner & outer boxes are filled into each bunkers directly produced from inner & outer box making machine and fed into this filling machine in 16+16 rows. This filling machine can fill matches with uniform quantity of match sticks after cleaning from short and broken pieces and head leveling.

High Speed Inner Box Making Machine

This is a high speed match inner box making machine for producing inner boxes of cardboard from a reel. The reel stand situated outside the machine for an easy attendance without any lifting of the reels manually. There are tolls for punching and cutting-off are mounted in a holder by an eccentric motion gives same speed at punching. Glue roller apply glue on outer and inner flaps.

High Speed Outer Box Making Machine

This is a high speed match outer box making machine for producing outer boxes of cardboard from skillets. The process of making outer box is divided, skillet feeding, gluing, folding, pressing, forming and drying stages. Skillet feeder pick each one skillet from skillet magazine and pass between the forming bar with gluing. After gluing, skillets is folded and pressed.

Frame Filling Machine

Frame Filling Machine machine is used for spindles cutting & automatic filling production capacity: 250 to 300 cross per 8 hrs. This machine is designed with precision and is also easy to operate. Superior in performance and highly durable this machine is can be installed with great ease. We are dedicated suppliers for AFRICAN countries.

Tyre Retreading

  • Air Tyre Buffer and Tyre Buffer
  • Steam Boiler
  • Tread Bonder
  • Electric Chamber
  • Tread Builder

PET Bottling Plant

  • Pet Blowing Machine
  • Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine
  • Full Automatic Capping Machine
  • Automatic Electronic Filling Machine
  • Automatic Self Adhesive Two Side Labeling Machine