"Siva, Paulsamy Match Works, India, our joint venture partner in manufacturing safety matches have been doing wonderful job. They are very sincere and their working culture is religious.....
Mark Johnson
Madhvani Group, Uganda

MAKEPASI Matches Ltd » A joint venture in Uganda

The Madhvani Group started production of safety matches in Uganda in 1963 in Jinja. The matches which were produced prior to 1972 were made of wood – not only the matchsticks but the entire matchbox itself. Environmental concerns and a shortage of local timber necessitated a major evolution in the matchbox industry.

In 2007 M.Sivakumar, Paulsamy Match Works (Ess Ess Group) joined hands with Madhvani Group along with Keshwala group and Pankaj Mehtha and a new joint venture company was formed and named as Makepasi Match Ltd. Makepasi is the largest producer of wax coated paper matches in East Africa and will eventually employ over 400 people.

It is very rare in the global wax match sector to have large scale operations under one roof; this has now been successfully achieved at Makepasi.

The present installed capacity of the unit is enough to cater for the Ugandan market which is estimated to be over 300 million matchboxes per annum and expansion plans are already underway.

Factory At Work