Core Business Overview

Export - Safety Matches

We export all type of safety matches at various sizes and counting configurations. From wooden matches to wax matches, household matches to complimentary matches are within our portfolio.

Export - Semi Finished Goods

We not only export safety matches but supply semi finished goods to match factories under our joint venture portfolio that includes outer boxes, inner boxes, packing materials and carton boxes.

Export - Machines

Furthermore, we export machines of all kinds involved in matches manufacturing process at various stages. Outer Box/Inner Box pasting machines, Frame Filling Machines and Box Filling Machines are the few names.

Turnkey Projects




Paulsamy Match Works is a leading manufacturer and exporter of safety matches, wooden safety matches, wax safety matches, wax match sticks, wooden match sticks, wooden matchboxes and wax matchboxes under the brand name of DOUBLE LION or as per the brand required by the buyer. On turnkey basis we provide machines, man power, raw materials and semi finished goods.
Tyre retreading is another diversification; we have enough knowledge that enables us to supply whole tyre retreading plant especially for African countries. All the machines involved in tyre retreading process are arranged by us as per the plant requirement. We train man power and manage the plant until the management get enough experience to handle it alone.
A bottling company is a commercial enterprise whose output is the bottling of beverages for distribution. Bottles made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE) are called as PET bottles. We provide the conveyor system along with measurement and filling system.